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Welcome to the 3 gens of chu-pikachu,pichu,and raichu WikiEdit

a little wiki on raichu,pikachu and my fav pichu!hopefully it will sprout and grow!

chu ~ UnveiledEdit



Pichu is a baby electric mouse pokemon. It is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu . You can find this pokemon if you leave a Pikachu and an opposite gender fairy or electrical pokemon alone together. Pichus have an attack called thundershock that can easily electrocute their opponents.these young pokemon touch each others tails when they have electicity runing through them to play.they stand at 1'00

Normal Female Chibi pikachu Colored


Pikachu is the pre-evolved form of Raichu. .It is the yellow mouse pokemon and the evolution of Pichu. It has long needle ears and a lightning bolt tail.

Pikachus like to live in groups with their young Pichu. They are docile and dislike being the center of attention. They are yellow.

Pikachu is most famous for its adventures with Ash in the original Pokemon television series.pikachu is the mascot of pokemon and can be found without trade in the wild in every game with the exception of black and white.pikachu is on every episode of pokemon.they stand at 1'08


raichu is the last evolution of chus.they are usally well timpered untill they get too much electricity on there tail they get angey. they evolve with a thunderstone.

What is -chu? A Pichu is a baby and when it is advanced with a high happiness level it evolves into a Pikachu. If a Pikachu is exposed to a Thunderstone it evolves into a Raichu. The "generations of chu" are the only known Pokemon that can create the Volt Tackle.The only way it is learned is to give pichu an eclectro ball held by wild pikachu and breed it. Large gatherings of "chus" can create thunderstorms.the "chus" are popularly found in red and blue with the exception of pichu,in the heartgold and soulsilver versons by "daycare".

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